Charlie Babb is a Movement Coach and Online Trainer who helps people of all ages and ability ranges improve the way they move, feel and look. In addition, he is an award winning coach and the founder of Prime Motion.

Prime Motion’s goal is to practice and explore natural human movement patterns that will ultimately create a well-rounded body, able to function to the best of its ability in day to day life. In order to achieve this, Charlie teaches people how to restore and re-learn natural patterns of movement, establish sound posture and fundamental skills that we have forgotten and lost through bad habits.

We believe that functional strength, mobility/flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness are the three pillars of training needed to achieve a balanced and all-round human being. To move mindfully, play intentionally and grow naturally is at the heart of what Prime Motion stands for.

Prime Motion Ethos

To inspire as many people as possible to move mindfully and with intent, whilst educating them on how to re-inhabit their bodies to become strong, mobile, resilient and pain free by moving functionally every day, at every opportunity.

Core Values